Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In the BIN

In the BIN (Blogs I've Noted) is a feature I had over on the Old Blog Account and one I've decided to carry over onto the New Blog Account, because there are so many fabulous things to read out there.

I'm going to stay mostly local today, though, and go with entries from bloggers who are in my linkie-links on the lefty-left.

We'll start with my very good friend, Merujo, who was featured last week on WAMU's Metro Connection talking about a squirrel that attacked her in the parking lot of a Wendy's this summer. This entry, though, is about her dog. Total tear jerker, as well as an excellent reminder of why dogs are so great. Here's Termite.

Although she posted this more than a couple of weeks ago, it 'bares' sharing as it will have you in stitches. All I can say is, Miss Understood's son, Dan, is one cheeky bloke. Here is Fight or Flight.

Meanwhile, Angry Pregnant Lawyer shares a priceless moment of conversation with her oldest son, Angry Boy. Apparently, Superman is less, er, manly than we've been led to believe all these years. (Or maybe he's "more super" than we've long thought... Your call!) Here is No Offense to Christopher Reeve or Brandon Routh.

Finally, I was hoping to highlight one of my favorite D.C. bloggers, Beauty and the Beltway. It seems the author was poised for a comeback, after shutting down her original blog, Big Sky Girl, but rumor has it we'll have to wait a little longer. Note to BatB: We're cheering for you and hoping all is well!

So, there's the first In the BIN here at COT.

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