Friday, November 16, 2007

Heading for the Funny Farm

Fall color at the DuPont Circle Farmer's Market

Today is going to be a busy one. After I get home from work, I have to run to the grocery store and get fixin's for a pasta salad and coleslaw. Then I'm gonna come home and make the aforementioned, as well as a red velvet cake. Why all this food and cake, you ask?

Because tomorrow I'm off to Lancaster, Pa., for an early Thanksgiving fete at my cousins' place. This is my mother's side of the family. Her oldest sister and her kids. My mother is one of four daughters and her oldest sister is a trip. T.R.I.P. Trip, trippity, trip. Hippy trippy. And yet, we all adore her.

I don't remember how it got started--I think maybe it was my sister?--but we call mom's sister Aunty Mame, that's how trippy she is. I'd write more right now, but I've got to get ready for work (TGIF!) and it's been years since I've really spent any time with Aunty Mame, so my stories are rusty at best. However, by Saturday night I should have plenty of stories to share. At the very least, we'll have lots of laughter. We always do when we get together.

Happy Friday, friends!

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 11/07


Anonymous said...

Auntie Mame -- say no more! I know you'll have fun.



Cele said...

oh mi gosh have fun and good food.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Update: Home from Lancaster...

Phoebe: Let's just say, it was interesting as always. Veeeeeery interesting.

Cele: We had a good time and enjoyed good food. I also came home with a couple of gifts from my aunt and a vase that my cousin, D, made. All in all, it was fun.