Monday, December 17, 2007


Over Columbus Day weekend, Bee and I toodled off to Rehoboth for what was suppose to be a relaxing, cool, crowd-free weekend. Boy, were we wrong! Still, we made the best of it and even attended the Christmas show at the local convention center (think stake center-sized cultural hall. That's the size of the Rehoboth Convention and Visitors' Center.)

Anyway--one of the vendors was selling those trees your grandmother probably had that was made out of ceramic and had multiple plastic pegs you place in holes. There's a lightbulb in the center of it all and when you turn it on, you get a little piece of nostalgia in your living room. So, we bought one. And here it is.

Granny Tree

We have yet to put up the rest of the decorations (we've been in sort of separate-but-equal Grinchy funks the last couple of weeks, so nothing's been decorated), but we're going to do that tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll post pictures when we're done.

Here's the debate, though: to tree or not to tree? That is the question. At this late date (I normally decorate Thanksgiving weekend), if we do tree, it will be artificial. But I'm not keen on stringing lights. (Note to self: Next year, buy the artificial tree with the lights already on it!)

We're hosting a party on Saturday. I'm going to roast a turkey. Nothing big. Just a 12-pounder I picked up. And maybe a Honey Baked Ham. Oh, and some smoked salmon. We're hoping for a good sized gathering and are looking forward to seeing friends and catching up.

Rockin' Granny Tree!

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 12/07


Zandria said...

I have to visit family members to see real Christmas trees and decorations. I let other people put in all the week, and then I get to enjoy it without the hassle of doing it myself! :)

Cele said...

I know this is sacriledge, living in the land of Christmas trees, but I have a prelit artifical tree (it sits five feet away from my woodstove.) I love it. The lights are clear and frosted white and for Ducky I add one string of blinking multi color. I love my tree.

Have a great holiday and enjoy your good food and friends at your party.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Zandria: I think you have the right idea there! (On an unrelated note, glad to hear your MacBook finally arrived!)

Cele: I still haven't decided whether to tree or not to tree, but I definitely hear ya on your artificial, prelit one. Happy holidays to you and Ducky, too! Stop on by on Saturday, if you'd like! ;-)