Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Party Talk

I was reading this honest, raw blog today and, respecting the request of the blogger of note, I posted a comment that I rather enjoyed. So, I'm swiping it and, with a few minor edits, posting it here. Think of it as the Holiday Party Meme!


You’re at a holiday dinner party. On the right of you sits Mel Brooks, on the left Dawn French. Who makes you snort and spew wine through your nose first, leaving you in total gales of laughter and what is it they said to finally push you over the edge into utter hilarity?

Or maybe this: It’s the time of year where your neighbors are stringing up lights on their houses and temporarily hanging holly in their hearts. Your town council mandates that all homes must hang no less than 500, but no more than 500,000 lights per house. You think this is a stupid idea, but you have to comply or face steep fines. You decide to use your light allotment to send a message. What do you write on the rooftop in lights?

Or, you’ve been asked to describe the last party or large gathering you went to but you’re only allowed to write in alliteration. What is the result?

And now, before I go, I'm issuing one final off-topic idea: you have a camera in your hands and you can take two pictures. How would you capture these two words: hold and value?


whymommy said...

I totally loved this comment. I can't wait to see what your readers say!

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

WhyMommy: Welcome! I know it's probably bad blogger etiquette to write a comment and use it as a blog post. And all in the same day. I'm hoping my friends will step up, too.

I've bookmarked you and will be checking in. Some of us around here have been feeling either sorry for ourselves or downtrodden by the overwhelming state of humanity of late. I hope they'll visit your blog and feel what I haven't felt in a long time: inspired and hopeful. You restore my faith in the ability of humanity to be well!

Bobbie said...

You are most generous to fund the 2 things challenge for charity. A wonderful idea for the Christmas season and perfect in keeping with the true spirit of this holiday. So everyone, let's join in the 2 things challenge...just follow the link.

Bev said...

Yes, it is a very generous idea and perfectly in the spirit of the season. So we can all enjoy ourselves on the Two Things Challenge, and donations go to a deserving cause.

Angie ~ Phoenix Touch said...

I LOVE alliteration!

I tried it out for the "Party Talk" challenge. It's posted on my blog.

Thanks for the fun!

And, again, thank you for crossing paths with mine!



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