Friday, January 18, 2008


Washington National Cathedral on a rainy night

One of the few great things about D.C. is, there's plenty to photograph. This is a shot I took of Washington National Cathedral a couple of weeks ago on my way home from my parents.

Happy (Photo) Friday!

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 1/08


Jess said...

We're getting married not too far from the National Cathedral, and I think we're probably going to have our pictures taken on the grounds of the Cathedral, because the outside of our site is not incredibly spectacular. This post makes me feel really happy about that decision.

Phoenix Touch said...

What a gorgeous shot!

It got me to thinking about a moment so many, many years ago when I was still a highly-faithful Mormon. I remember thinking how beautiful the Salt Lake Temple was and what I loved most about it was that it was 3 dimensional. ALL of the sides and spires and such were lit up at night. One could see all of the symbolism and beauty and incredible architecture from anywhere on any side at night. Then, one night I drove by the Cathedral of the Madeline. Another incredibly beautiful ancient building here in Salt Lake, albeit Catholic - which, at that time, it was not okay for me to appreciate anything non-Mormon. The Madeline is only lit up on the front of the building. Thus, at night, all you can see is the front. I remember stating out loud, "It's interesting how all that is visible of this building is the facade." I am sure you can imagine the conversation that ensued from there. By the end, we had, yet again, "proved" that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is The Only True Church on the Face of the Earth. Simply because they light their edifices on all sides...



J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Jess: You should end up with some lovely wedding photos if this is your backdrop. There a lot of really cool courtyards and gardens around the cathedral, too. I can imagine a lot of lovely photo ops from so many points on the grounds.

Abgue: I remember having similar conversations. I will say, though, my mom always made a point of emphasizing to us that the sacrifices made to build cathedrals, mosques, etc., were just as valid and worthy in God's eyes as the sacrifices Mormons make to build their churches and temples.

Still, there was that tendency to look at other structures and think they weren't quite true. I'm ashamed I ever thought that way.

I love going into cathedrals and seeing how the light plays through the windows and onto the floors. They're beautiful edifices.

Phoenix Touch said...


I so agree with you. I feel sad that I my judgment-abilities of other religions was once so ingrained to the extreme negative.

My favorite building to go inside, now, IS the Madeline. She is gorgeous inside and out. (And I have been inside the Salt Lake Temple as a once-worthy-card-carrying member.)

Three Christmases ago I attended an amazing multi-cultural, multi-religion program at the Madeline on a Sunday evening. The Mormon representative happened to also be our Governor. He opened the program with a prayer he had written down! I was shocked because I had never seen a representative read a prayer. It seemed... well... just so wrong.

At any rate, it was at the start of the program and after he was finished, he and his wife stealthily snuck out the back door. I felt ashamed that MY religion's representative left, (I was still a member, a not-so-worthy-no-longer-card-carrying-member, but a member nonetheless) rather than supporting the rest of the beautiful religions.

Okay... I am leaving now. Because, for some reason, this particular pic of yours has got me all riled up. Hmmmmm... I should take a look at that. However, instead, I am going to go drink a White Chocolate Latte. ;)