Friday, March 21, 2008

When Bloggers Meet...

...One of 'Em is Bound to Get Their Skull Cropped Off

Darn it all!

But wait, I'm jumping ahead of myself.

One of the things I love about blogging is the same thing I loved about being a part of an email group I participated in while I was in grad school: it affords you the opportunity to read some great writing (or, in the case of the email group, have some great discussions) and, if you're particularly lucky, meet some really groovy people.

Today was an exceptional day. I got to meet Alice, the Dormouse, the Caterpillar, and Lucy from Alice's Adventures Underground and It's Hard to Be Perfect. I missed out on meeting Alice's hubby, the King of Hearts. Apparently, he teaches kendo--Japanese sword fighting--to church ladies on Thursdays. (No joke there.) Alice's mother, Lucy, is visiting this month and they called me today and invited me out to dinner. I was so excited, I was like a kid at Christmas. I kept looking at the clock willing it to be 5:00, but just like those yuletide eves of long ago, the damn thing was slower than molasses.

Regardless, off I toodled to Five Guys & Fries in Silver Spring where I met up with the Underground Gang. And may I just say, I met one of the funniest, most delightful, adorable group of gals outside of the Scary Feminists ever? The Dormouse and I became fast friends, which isn't that unusual for me and little kids. I have this aura or some weird something about me that makes me get along really well with little kids and small animals--cats not included--and the Dormouse and I were clickin'.

The Dormouse, posing for a photo that I'm now blogging about

I'm not sure what was the funniest part of the evening. Having the Dormouse climb into my lap, then recline across my body, resting her head on my arm, thereby turning me into her own personal sofa? Having the Dormouse hop up on a short retaining wall outside the restaurant, pose and say, "Someone take a picture and blog about it!" Or, having her lean into me as we were all saying goodbye and exclaiming, "Take me with you!"

And then there was the Caterpillar. Alice isn't joking when she says that child will stand on anything and is the squirmiest baby! That wee one never sat still, but part of what made her squirminess so much fun was how alert and aware she was of her surroundings and people. Oh, and of course, her totally heart-melting smile, which never seemed to leave her face.

Lucy and Alice and I swapped stories about missions and work and places we've lived and whether or not we should have a Fast & Testimony Picnic (yes, and soon.) Then we posed for pictures under the sign at Five Guys that says "Today's Fries Are Made With Potatoes From RIGBY, IDAHO" because Lucy is originally from Rigby, and then it was time to say goodbye. We bundled up (despite the beautiful weather today, it was incredibly windy and a bit nippy) and headed out the door.

That's when I took this picture (see below), which, I'm horrified to observe, cut the head off of Lucy! It was so cold and windy out, I didn't want to keep the Undergrounds posing while I took shot after shot. And the results are tragic. So, note to Lucy: I'm sorry I cut your head off. I didn't notice when I took the picture, or I would have taken a second one.

L to R: Lucy, the Dormouse, Alice, and the Caterpillar.
Contrary to the appearance in this picture, Lucy does have a full head.
In fact, you can see it in the shadow behind her.
Sorry Lucy! So much for my photography skills...

As we parted ways, we all agreed on one thing: we absolutely must get together again! To all the Undergrounds: thank you for a delightful couple of hours. I had the best time and I hope we hook up again very soon!

P.S. NG: I just realized I left you to bus the table when I ran out to the car to get my camera. I'm so sorry about that! Ugh. How embarrassing...


Anonymous said...

Kendo to church ladies is always an interesting thought(?)
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Cele said...

See I get so jealous, everyone gets to meet. I love it, meet on. And someday I will get there too.

Anonymous said...

Dormouse is so cute and sassy! Look out, World !

Phoebe was here

NG said...

Eh.... I worked in a restaurant during college. Busing tables is second nature to me.

What people don't know about Lucy is that she wears a comically oversized 10 gallon hat everywhere she goes. Tewkes was just cropping it out of the photo out of embarrassment at being seen with us.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Anon (JA??): Isn't it, though? Although, I should be truthful: according to Alice, there are guys in the group, too. (Still, can you imagine this kind of activity going on in the cultural hall of the church? If I was the husband of a kendo-trained wife, I'd be scared. Very scared.)

Cele: Yes, you will! In fact, if you make it to Sid's party this spring, think of how many fabulous people you'll meet!

Phoebe: The Dormouse was a total hoot! And yes, look out world!

NG: Yeah, and I photoshopped it off of her shadow, too! Seriously, I'd be seen in public anytime with Lucy and her comically oversized 10 gallon hat any day.