Friday, May 9, 2008


Courtyard skylight at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel

I'm out at my parents' this weekend helping my dad with a home improvement project. We're putting in a new bathroom off the master bedroom. My mom is in Salt Lake visiting with her three sisters. It's been two years since the funeral of my grandfather--her dad. Tomorrow, I'm going to hear a fellow blogger perform in a concert--Mozart and Dvorak! Very excited. (Must find the address to the concert venue...) And tonight, I'm attending an art and photography opening for my friend and realtor, Monica Youngling, up on Capitol Hill. Also very excited.

That's pretty much my weekend. How is yours shaping up?

The above photo is the skylight pyramid in the courtyard of the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel. To see more photos of the plaza, go here and here.

Happy (Photo) Friday, friends!

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential


ME said...

My weekend: Heading to rainy St. Louis for oldest step daughter's art show and college graduation.

Sunday, Mike flies to UT to do the final walk through and spend Mother's Day with his mom. I'll spend MD in airports. Woo hoo!

Cele said...

I wish I could take the night time pictures with my digital camera that you get. Wow.

Kid tomorrow, mom Sunday, writing parade all weekend. If I'm lucky I will get so gardening and bricklaying doing. Have a great weekend.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

ME: Have fun with the step-kids. And may your weekend of travel be delay-free and speedy!

Cele: Ah, but you can. Email and we'll discuss it!

Anonymous said...

Mozart and Dvorak -- cool! I've seen those two paired up in concerts before. It's like a study in a major and minor key: one is lively and the other is contemplative.

My weekend will be work and school. Mother's Day depresses me.

Have fun,


Wicked H said...

Your weekend sounds much better.

I'll be drawing on all my serious coping skills in preparation for being strong for my 83 year old Father's major surgery to take place on Monday. I plan to be camped out at his bedside for the week.

You all have a good weekend!

D.C. Confidential said...

Phoebe: Mozart and Dvorak was cool! The concert was quite good. We should have had Fast & Testimony Picnic today so everyone could rant about why Mother's Day is the worst, most ill-conceived holiday out there. Hm. There's still time, right? Would that help your spirits?

Wicked: May your coping skills be serious, may the surgeons be gifted and alert, and may your father's recovery be speedy!