Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time for Another Installment of In the BIN

Yes, it's been way too long and there have been so many good entries out there, so I think it's time for another installment of In the BIN.

I'm starting this edition with the best summation of what it's like to be sick and at home for more than two days and how the mind progresses over time. Let's just say, this person starts out thinking--as we all do--that they are completely and totally indispensable and they can't afford to be away from work for even a scintilla of a second or it will all go to hell in a handbasket and by day 13 the same person is nothing but a puddle of mushy simplicity. Here is At a Different RPM.

This next entry is more than a month old, but it is side-splittingly hilarious, because I can totally relate and I'm sure some of you can, too. Read Clay Satan at Recovering Mormon.

I should have highlighted this one week's ago. I have a friend who lives in Switzerland. When you read this story, I guarantee you'll think what many of us thought: "Trippy." Stuff like this only happens in the news or on City Confidential, right? Not so. Apparently, it happens to people only a few degrees removed from my friend. Read Small Town-tales.

Another friend of mine, Phoebe, pointed me to a blog titled A Somewhat Old, But Capacious Handbag. How rad is that?! So, I thought I'd check it out. On the day I did, this was the entry: Bad Week. Have a Bird. I'm totally sold on this blog and who wouldn't be with that image to greet them straight off?

As some of you may know by now, I also have a photography blog, which means I also have a completely different list of bloggers to whom I link all over the U.S. and the world who post photos of the places they live and the things they see. This is a very, very small sample of some photography that is either excellent in its composition or thought-provoking or both: Free2B (be sure to click on the image to enlarge and read the words on the column); London Daily Nature Photo and this series on an oak tree (if you like nature photography, this is an absolute must. NiC's photos are amazing!); and check out the only photographer I've found who actually makes Los Angeles look beautiful--The Jimson Weed Gazette.

There you have it. Another long-overdue installment of In the Blogs I've Noted.


lacochran said...

Thanks for the mention/link! :)

And thanks for the list of great blogs to explore. Wonderful stuff! I especially enjoyed the Clay Satan story--beautifully told!

Di said...

Srsly. If I was that kid's mom, I WOULDA BEEN PISSED THAT THEY STOLE MY KID'S PRESENT!! I definitely would have wanted my kid's satan pottery. Sheesh.

Nice BIN, Tewkesy!

b.c. said...

hi j.m. (dc?!) great stuff you have here, and thanks for the mention :)
shall be visiting and checking in on your recommends...

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Lacochran: My pleasure! Seriously, best summation of lengthy sick leave EVER! Glad you enjoyed the Clay Satan story, too. Funny, huh?

Di: Seriously, right?! I'd have been pissed, too!

B.C.: Hi. Yep, one and the same. This is my mouthy blog! LOL! :-)