Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday Night Live: Will It Sway the Election?

What do you think? Do these skits on SNL make you rethink your vote if you're leaning toward McCain-Palin?

And what about this editorial? Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker now says Palin is "out of her league."


Virginia said...

Oh, it's so scary!!!!

Gilahi said...

Someone else posted this clip and I'll say here what I said there: This was scary. I walked in late, during the "promoting health care" answer, and it was so similar to the actual interview that I'd seen earlier that it took me a while to realize it was an SNL skit. They don't really need Tina Fey (although this is bound to be a gold mine for her) when Governor Palin is such a parody of herself.

Lucy said...

I don't know .... I'm thinkin' I'd really like to see these skits for four year. But that would mean McCain would .... Even in AZ I don't want that. No. Nono.

Cele said...

Sunday morning I saw that Fey had spoofed (is it really a spoof when she's that dead on? nope folks it's the painful truth)Palin again on SNL, so I rushed to NBC to watch. Mind boggling. And then Palin says something this cockamamie today, "Senator Biden has been around a long time, I remember him when I was, like, in second grade." Excuse me does she know who she's running with? While six years difference isn't a huge amount of time (unless you're watching the stockmarket fail or thinking of eight more years of the GOP in the Whitehouse) It's still McCain that falls on the long side of those six years.

And then even worse, as I'm reading Kathleen what's her face-it's editorial I could hear Palin's voice in my head. Argh, make it stop. Make it stop.

Do you think they will put out a limited edition collector's series of Govenor Palin's greatest speaking moments?

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

VJ: Isn't it, though?

Gilahi: I totally missed the Couric interview (not sure where I was), but if this is a close reenactment of it, that's just frightening beyond words.

Lucy: Yeah, I'm not sure four years of Palin skits is worth a McCain-Palin administration.

Cele: Did she seriously say that about Sen. Biden?! OMG. I can't bear it. After eight years of Bushisms, Palinisms make Bush look articulate by comparison. Who'd have ever thought there'd be a day when he could appear competent? How far the Republicans have fallen.