Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today's Tewkesbury Round-up

Folks up in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, really have a sense of humor when it comes to Governor Palin. Check out this entry from City Daily Photo blogger, Kitty, Smile, It's Happy Hour.

Meanwhile, over in Kenya, smear author Jerome Corsi gets deported. Too bad he can't be designated a "person without portfolio" and set adrift to circumvent the world looking for a home until after the elections. Still, it tickles my funny bone. Here is Kenya to Deport U.S. Author of Critical Obama Book.

As for last night's debate, I don't have a round-up because I didn't watch it. The truth is, I've already decided who I'm voting for and a debate between the candidates isn't going to change that. If you watched, though, and you want to share your thoughts on how each of the candidates performed, please feel free to leave a comment.

That said, here are a couple of columns from the Washington Post that provide some pointed perspectives. First, E.J. Dionne asked Who is John McCain? He's followed by David Ignatius, who writes The Town Hall Debate: In Praise of Complete Sentences. I like this last one especially, because after eight years of the wholesale slaughter of grammar by George Bush, Ignatius surmises that Americans are tired of fractured phrases, incomplete sentences, and witticisms as weapons. Adding a little levity to today's round-up, here is Ann Telnaes' take on the Bush Presidency in its final months. (I actually laughed at the end of this.)

Finally, a reminder: today is Volunteer for Obama Day at Tewkesbury Place. If you have a couple of hours, please visit your local Obama office and lend a hand. There are less than four weeks until the election, but it ain't over yet! Every bit of effort counts.


Gilahi said...

LAME DUCK! I get it! Took me second, but I got it.

Holly said...

I got up and watched the debate on Youtube this morning. I know who I'm going to vote for--and I've been volunteering at my Obama headquarters--but I wanted to be able to talk about the debates. I recommend watching it; you'll feel more confident in your choice. But keep a couple of alka-seltzer on hand, because McCain's condescension, grotesqueness and unworkable policies will nauseate you.

Cele said...

Ducks every where are shamed.

I didn't watch the debate, I took my mom out for her 73rd birthday dinner. She a die hard, vote the party line, Republican - me a leans to the left independent, it makes for interesting conversation. Politically I rarily agree with my mom on much, but she made a comment at dinner that struck a cord with me. I asked her if she was going to watch the debate? Her reply, "No I'm up to here with it all, two years of hot air, I know who I'm voting for let's do it already."

Now I agree, I've known for a good five months who I was voting for, maybe longer, we're beating a dead horse. In my own opinion my mom didn't watch the debates (something she's been freverant in the past about) because she's backing a ridiculous ticket. I don't watch the debates, because I 99 percent, never watch the debates.

But it has been an incredibly long two years of hot air. I would much rather read the talking heads recap... thank you for all the links.

Even though I am a Duck fan, ha ha, quack quack. Too funny. I wonder if that village will be happy to get their idiot back?

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Gilahi: Took me a second, too, but when I did get it, I laughed out loud.

Holly: I think it will take more than alka-seltzer to get me through this debate. The minute McCain opened his mouth, I turned it off. However, you make a good point about at least being able to discuss what was said. I should probably watch it just for that.

Cele: If he goes back to Crawford, probably. If he goes back to Houston, probably. I'm with your mother on this one: enough already. Let's vote and be done with it! I can't imagine there's going to be much that will change most Americans' minds at this point. I daresay the majority of us know who we're voting for and for those who are still uncertain, just throw a dart. 50/50 are decent odds for either candidate. (Okay, seriously, I don't mean that last part, but I am ready for this election to be over already.)

Anonymous said...

"McCain's condescension, grotesqueness and unworkable policies will nauseate you."

Yeah, this is why I couldn't bring myself to watch the debate either.

- Phoebe

mirage2g said...

Since I am not in the US I don't really watch =D Even if its the elections here I dont watch too lol...but I guess US politics does have an effect on all of us, economically speaking, even debateable issues as such...

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Phoebe: I fear it's what will keep me from watching, too.

Mirage: Given how globally connected the world is now, what happens here has an impact on other nations. The current financial crisis alone is evidence of that. Still, watching politicians banter back and forth can be tiresome.