Friday, December 19, 2008


My favorite photo from the entire trip--a bald eagle perched on driftwood,
Fort Casey State Park, Whidbey Island, Washington (Click on image to enlarge.)

While I was in Washington State a week or so ago (was it only a week ago?! Seems like ages. I digress), I managed to take nearly 500 pictures. Thank goodness for digital technology or I'd really be broke. Here are just a few of my favorites.

L: Illegally parked seagull in Mukilteo
R: Ginormous driftwood (aka: A friggin' TREE) in Ocean Shores
(Click images to enlarge)

L: Space Needle from Queen Anne Hill
R: Pike Place Market
(Click images to enlarge)

Happy (Photo) Friday, friends!

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential


Anonymous said...

Those photos are beautiful, Tewkesy. Really amazingly so.

Whidbey Island reminds me of my grandparents, who loved it there. Sweet and sad at the same time.

- Di

foundinidaho said...

What a beautiful picture of the eagle.

I have a friend who does Navy Reserve duty up on Whidbey, he always says how beautiful it is, now I must check it out myself!

I love the market. Yum, fresh crab and fish to take home and cook...

Maya said...

That eagle shot is stunning. Truly.

Cele said...

Oh mi gosh the space needle picture is amazing. It makes the space needle worth it. Darn you were within four hundred miles.... and a zillion light years of frozen highway from me.

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Di: I didn't know your grandparents lived there. Tell me more!

FII: You should definitely visit Whidbey Island and the surrounding areas. It's stunning! I was blown away.

Maya: Thanks! I'm still stunned I captured it.

Cele: Isn't that fun? And, yeah, I thought about driving down the coast to Oregon, but I ran out of time. Next trip. Promise!

Phoenix Touch said...

What gorgeous shots. I imagine all 500 of them are stunning! Thank you for sharing. I now miss my former's hometown. I love it there!

Sean said...

Great pictures! I visited the Seattle area and Victoria, BC in April. What a beautiful area!

I'm glad you had a nice time!

Anonymous said...

Breath taking !

- ph

Herb of DC said...

Wow! Some amazing work here! Thanks for sharing!

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Abgue: Have you lived in Washington State? Do tell!

Sean: It's gorgeous, isn't it? Victoria is one of my favorite cities.

Phoebe: My thoughts exactly!

Herb: My pleasure! Glad you enjoyed these.

Cyndy said...

Wow, those photos are absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing them.

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Cyndy: You're welcome. There are more to be seen here.