Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Which An Opportunity Presents Itself and I Journey Westward...

So, I've mentioned here and there in fits and starts that change is afoot in my life. This change involves a whole new geographical location for at least the next 12 months.

Simply put, I'm moving to Langley, Washington.

Langley, for those who aren't familiar with the Other Washington, is not the location of CIA Headquarters. It is a quaint little artists' haven on the southern end of the fifth longest island in the contiguous United States. For any of you with a military background, and especially those of you in the Marines or the Navy, Langley is situated on Whidbey Island, which is home to a naval air station on the northern end.

How did I come to this point where I'm moving away from D.C., you ask?

Seems last year, a friend of mine inherited a house, a cottage, and some property from her late aunt and her partner. Said friend tried to sell the house, the cottage, and the property, but as the market has been less than favorable, she's been unsuccessful. Sure, it's a fixer-upper, but we're talking nearly two acres of real estate with a four bedroom, two bathroom house and an adjacent cottage for less than half a mil.

Anyway--that's not the point. Or, actually it is the point. The house/cottage/acreage wasn't selling, so the friend took it off the market. In November, we were at the Mormon Temple protesting Prop. 8 when she turned to me, told me about the house, and asked, "Do you know anyone who would be interested in living in the house for a year or so for free?"

Um, hello?!?! ME. I would be very interested.

That, in a nutshell, is what I'll be doing for the next 12 months. Living in a cottage on Whidbey Island in the town of Langley for free. Rock on, right?

I'm going to keep this blog going, because moving to the Left Coast does not diminish my interest in things D.C. Plus, I'll be back for family visits and business. I'm keeping my house here and renting it out for now. I will not, however, be starting a new blog.

Well, that's not true. I've set up a blog for my photography, but that's all. I won't be starting a new place to rant and rave or spout forth or whatever. I'll still be here, signing in as Tewkesy and being as snarky as ever. Or maybe not.

Maybe the clean air, the Cascades, island life, and uncongested traffic will give me back my sweet spirit and I'll be pleasant and jovial all the time. Or not.

I'll be back in a day or two with my top five reasons to love and hate Washington, as well as my top five must-sees-in-Dee-Cee.

In the meantime, check out Whidbey Island Confidential if you want to see where I'm living and the things I'm experiencing in photos.

And now the question is, can I squeeze in a final happy hour before I hit the road on April 15?


Cele said...

While I've not been to Whidbey, Washington, especially the Sound is lovely. Your camera will be hot, hot, hot.

Cyndy said...

What an amazing opportunity! I hope you have a wonderful year on that island.

lacochran said...

Doesn't mean you can't come back and visit with all us snarly DeeCee-ers. :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds positively dreamy (sigh). I hope it all works out, Tewkes.

My brother has wanted to live in Washington State for years, so if you hear about any more good real estate deals, let me know.

- Phoebe

Rebecca said...

I moved to Bellingham, WA this week. I was on the freeway today and I saw a sign for Whidbey Island. I haven't been there, but my sister-in-law tells me it's gorgeous.

foundinidaho said...

Okay, I've been going to come to Whidbey for years b/c our friend is in the Naval Reserves there and he and his wife lived there when he was active Navy prior to their marriage. Mind if we stop by and say hi? :)

Word verification - uptoris. That just sounds wrong on so many levels.

hm-uk said...

I wish you all good things, Tewkes. I have a strong feeling in my gut that this year is going to be a stellar one for you.

My verification word is: catzkbie...RIP, eh?

Maya said...

I'm so happy you will be near Seattle! I can't wait to see Whidbey either.

urban bohemian said...

Such a wonderful opportunity and I can't wait to see what your camera captures.

Merujo said...

J - you are a delight and simply a wonder to know. I know that distance won't be an issue in our friendship, but I'm sure as heck gonna miss seeing you in person!

I'm so looking forward to seeing gorgeous photos and stories of your western adventures. And, yes, please - a happy hour would rock. The Sasquatch & I will be there with bells on!


dcblogs said...

This sounds like a dream come true. Congratulations on the decision. And happy to know you will be keeping the blog going.

D.C. Confidential / Janet Kincaid said...

Cele: Come on up and visit. And, yes, I hope my camera will be hot, hot, hot!

Cyndy: It's a trippy opportunity, but one for which I'm grateful. Living on an island will be a learning experience for me.

Lacochran: And when I do come back for visits, I only want to get together with the snarkiest of the snarks! ;-)

Phoebe: Oddly, living on an island has never been one of my dreams. Living in a chalet in the Alps is a nice dream, though. Or in a house on the California Coast. Still, I'm intrigued to see how I handle island life. I'll keep my eyes peeled for good real estate deals. And come and visit.

Rebecca: Whidbey Island is very pretty! I should be there in early May. We should try to get together for coffee or dinner or something.

FII: Next time you visit your friends, let me know. I'd love to meet. Same invitation to you as to Rebecca!

Aitch: I have a good feeling about this, too. Here's to forward momentum. At last. Hey, are you and Jay still planning a trip to the PacNW? Perhaps we'll finally meet?

Maya: Yeah Seattle! Yeah Whidbey Island! Bring your camera...

UB: It's a fun opportunity and, like you, I'm anxious to see what my camera captures, too!

Merujo: The sentiment is entirely mutual. You have been and are one of the bright spots in my D.C. experience. I cherish that and look forward to our continued friendship. Please come out to Washington and visit anytime. You're always welcome! As for a happy hour, I'm thinking Monday, April 13...

Pat: Thank you! It's been such a pleasure being a part of this blogging community. I look forward to continuing with that and staying in touch with this city through its bloggers.

Rebecca said...

I'd love to meet up for coffee or dinner, but I don't have a car so the burden would kinda be on you to come to me. No pressure, but if you want to then I'm totally up for it.

Wicked H said...

Tewkesy! Sounds fabulous!

I am happy to hear that you 'll keep this going so we can live vicariously through you out there on the left coast.

I know you'll be busy crazy before you go, but we really should try to get together sometime in the future. Yes?

Happy and safe trails.....

Brian said...

It's all coming together now, but I am absolutely insane with jealousy! ;)

If you decide to take to sublet a bedroom over a weekend for that going rate of "free," let me know!! I can only imagine the kind of inspirational things that one would find on an island. Wow... Just WOW!!!

charlotteharris said...

how exciting! hope it's a great adventure!

Virginia said...

You can't see me but I'm giving you standing ovation for grabbing this opportunity and acting on it. NEVER put off chasing your dreams for another day!!!!
I'm mourning the loss of DC Confidential but I'll adjust.

Herb of DC said...

Belated best wishes for your new adventure! I'm looking forward to the stories and the pictures.

For some reason I keep thinking this sounds very "Egg and I" ish (the book not the movie).

Come to think of it...I think I will re-read that book. It's been decades.

Good luck!

林依晨Amber said...