Monday, May 11, 2009


Jefferson's Monticello--the first stop on our road trip

Yes, it's true. The rumors about my continued existence are factual. I'm still alive. And still on the road.

For those who are curious--morbidly or otherwise--we left Washington on April 18. Three weeks and a day later, we're still on the road. Thus far, we've been to the following places:

Headstones in the abbey cemetery at
St. Bernards in Cullman, Alabama

Charlottesville, VA; Asheville, NC; Moore, SC; Atlanta, GA; Birmingham, AL; Meridian, MS; New Orleans and Vacherie, LA; San Antonio, Johnson City, Coleman, Glen Cove, Midland, and Odessa, TX; Carlsbad, Santa Fe, Las Trampas, Taos, and Acoma/Sky City, NM; Flagstaff, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon, AZ; Bakersfield, Yosemite, Cordelia, Fairfield, Concord, Berkeley, and San Francisco, CA.

The red rocks of Sedona, Arizona

Along the way, we've stayed with friends and family, as well as in a few Best Westerns and Motel 6s. In South Carolina, we stayed with my high school buddy, Senga Campbell and her partner Joni Casper. In Birmingham, we stayed with fellow photoblogger Virginia Jones.

The Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico

In New Orleans, we walked Bourbon Street and haven't been the same since. In Coleman and Glen Cove, we met my paternal grandmother's 93-year old sister, saw the farmstead where my grandmother and her four siblings grew up, and visited the graves of my great-grandparents and my great aunts. In Flagstaff, we stayed with Maya's parents.

My former mission companion and good friend,
Heidi Chartrand

In Bakersfield, we caught up with the only companion from my stint as an LDS missionary with whom I stay in contact--Heidi Chartrand. In Cordelia, we visited with my 95-year old grandmother and found her be more lucid and healthy than her 93-year old sister back in Texas.

Peppers a la Rothko in Taos, New Mexico

Over in Berkeley, I caught up with my dear friend and soon-to-be mother Thea Hillman. Then we went to the city and had dinner at my all time favorite restaurant in the whole wide world: Ti Couz. And last night and tonight, we've stayed with friend and fellow blogger Sideon and his partner Toz.

The water tower and windmill on the old farmstead where
my grandmother grew up in Glen Cove, Texas

By the end of the trip we'll have also been to Navarro, Fort Bragg, and Trinidad, CA; and Florence and Portland, OR. In the process of the last leg, we'll be staying with Cele on the Oregon Coast and seeing one of my Scary Feminist friends, JaneAnne, in Portland.

Church at Las Trampas, New Mexico

It's been a great trip so far. We kicked it off by seeing Jefferson's Monticello. That led us to the Biltmore Estate and Gardens--home of the Vanderbilts. Then we stopped in Atlanta for 15 minutes to see Stone Mountain. Virginia took us to see the Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, Alabama.

Shan Little who makes art out of scrap metal

In Mississippi, we met a lesbian named Shan who makes art out of 55 gallon drum lids. In New Orleans, I was propositioned by a tuba player and we visited Oak Alley Plantation where we watched a young man propose to his girlfriend.

Lipan Point at the Grand Canyon

We've seen the Alamo, Carlsbad Caverns, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and two or three pueblos. We've had great hotel rooms and utter dives, fabulous wifi and crappy wifi. We've stayed with friends who have kids or grandkids and friends who have dogs and cats.

El Capitan and Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

I have a stack of unwritten postcards just dying for a home. If you'd like one, email me your address and I'll send you one. In the mean time, hope you enjoy this short collection of photos from the last three weeks. If you want to see more than this, visit D.C. Confidential.

My 95-year old grandmother

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential


Gilahi said...

So when will you be back in the DC area?

wv - reely: I mean reely, when will you be visiting?

Liz said...

So good to hear from you! And I'm so jealous that you were at Yosemite... isn't it GORGEOUS! I have great memories of camping there with my dad.

Safe travels!

Cele said...

Watching your trip across America has been inspiring. Thank you for taking us along with you and showing us the places along the way, where we've either not been in forever, never, or someday again. Thank you.

Rebecca said...

Awesome. AWESOME. Jealousy, thy name is Rebecca.

You might as well come up and see Bellingham for an afternoon, while you're already at all this road-tripping! (Had to try.)

Janet Kincaid said...

Gilahi: Funny you should ask that. I may be back there next week. Stay tuned...

Liz: My poor Tewkesy blog was long overdue for an update, wasn't it? And I need to catch up on everyone else's blog. I had such aspirations for reading and writing on this trip. Ha! What a laugh. Anyway... Yes, Yosemite is gorgeous! I was blown away!

Cele: I'm glad you've been along for the ride! I can't wait to meet you.

Rebecca: You're probably right, because once I make my final destination, I may not want to drive a car for a month!

foundinidaho said...

Aw, your grandmother is so cute! I get to meet Cele this summer when I go to the coast for vacation - and, I am going to be in Seattle in the next year and will make a point of seeing if you're available for a visit in Whidbey.

What beautiful pictures. I do hate being in a car that much but you've really seen so much it makes me want to do a big "road trip".

Herb of DC said...

Wait! Is there more to this story?

"In New Orleans, we walked Bourbon Street and haven't been the same since."

and please, please don't let this be the more to the story...

"In New Orleans, I was propositioned by a tuba player"

Janet Kincaid said...

FII: Absolutely stop and see me if you're in the Seattle area next year! I'm still sorry we didn't go through southern Idaho back in March, but I'm sure I'll get close to there in the months ahead. I have family in Utah and will likely be out that way at some point.

Herb: Apparently I need to tease out both of those statements more and write a longer post. Unfortunately, I don't write as well as Katherine of "Who Invented Roses?" and I doubt the stories will be read-worthy. I'll try, though. Just for you.

Adriana Velez said...

Wow, those photos are stunning!

Maya said...

I'm ready to hit the road again! You?

Janet Kincaid said...

Adriana: Thanks! I thought of you when we were in Taos, esp. every time I'd see peppers hanging from the eaves.

Maya: Yes, lets! Where to this time?

Maya said...

How about the NE this time?

ME said...

Fabulous pics and wonderful narrative. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Love the Sedona pictures--and the lovely postcard.

I'm a turd; I neither bought nor sent postcards from Istanbul. Hope to post photos soon.