Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pimpin' to the Village Idiots

Living overseas, I swore I'd stay on top of the news out of Washington while I was over here, but it's difficult when CNN is the international version and you can only read so much of the Washington Post. Thankfully there's Facebook. This clip from Rachel Maddow's show is courtesy of my friend Sideon.


Anonymous said...

Wow. He didn't pull any punches -- loved it! I'm surprised this was on MSNBC; I thought that was a conservative new source that catered to the people this guy is talking about. Thanks for the clip. - Phoebe

lacochran said...

Rachael Maddow is brilliant.

I'm not sure how I feel about this fellow's opinion. There are quite a few people I love who put faith above facts and they fall in all parts of the spectrum.

Cele said...

Wow, thank you for sharing. I stay away from the networks and cable news stations pretty much anymore because they are so one way. But this is smack on. Wow.

When Photo Friday had the topic of fear last week, I considered just putting up a picture of the Republican logo and adding, "If I want to live in fear I'll just listen to the Republican pundits."

Lucid Dreamer said...

Phoebe...Anon, why surprised this was on MSNBC? Rachel and Keith Olbermann are very liberal commentators. Rachel has actually had this guy on a few times and I always liked hearing his point of view. I think ex cult, ex polital view, ex anything people bring a valid and unique perspective to the table on the extreme positions they once possessed. Rachel rocks!

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Phoebe: Actually MSNBC is considered to be the liberal counterpoint to Fox News. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are to MSNBC what Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck are to FOX. Maddow is very much worth watching. Olbermann is okay, but he and O'Reilly go after each other like pit bulls in a dog-fighting club and it makes both of them little more than sideshow freaks.

LA Cochran: I hear you. I have the same kind of people in my life. I've learned to respect their right to their opinion without actually agreeing with them.

Cele: Sometimes, I think it's incredibly wise to ignore the pundits. I think your idea for Photo Friday would have been perfect.

Lucid Dreamer: I also like hearing the perspectives of ex-whatevers. There's value to be had in knowing how the other thinks. (It's too bad that often the other doesn't want to know how others think and feel. Ironic.)

Anonymous said...

Lucid Dreamer and Tewkes,

I guess I'm even further left than MSNBC. I remember MSNBC not being critical at all of Bush's "logic" when beating the drums of war (hardly anyone else did either). Also lately I've seen their headline writer put a conservative twist on a a few articles a couple of times, which made me wary of the whole brand. I have become irrationally hypervigilant, I guess. I appreciate your thoughts.

I join you in Rachael Maddow worship :)


J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Phoebe: Yeah, Chris Matthews and some of the others on MSNBC can lean a little more to the right than I care for, but Olbermann and Maddow seem to balance that out. Still, as I told a friend today on Facebook, the political/cultural pundits all make me crazy! They're so damn polarizing, it's infuriating. Frankly, I think they're all an enormous waste of time and brain cells!