Sunday, November 1, 2009

NBPM. Or, How I'm Getting Revenge for Being Bullied into Doing NaBloPoMo.

First off, let me say that today is November 1 and it's the beginning of that annual Internets literary event known as NaBloPoMo. NBPM use to mean you'd write one blog post every day during the month of November. Now it means you'll write a novel with a minimum of 10,000 words per day or some crazy thing like that. I'm going to attempt to do the former again. I am not doing the latter.

The only reason I am even doing the former this month is because A) my office mate bullied me into it, B) my blog is lame as toast and needs a boost, and C) over dinner last night with the same office mate, I declared that writing was one of the two things I like to do in my free time. (The other thing I do in my free time is photography, which I've also been lame about, but that's a different tangent.) What I should have said was cooking is my other favorite pasttime, but I was a doh-head and didn't. If I had, I wouldn't be doing this NBPM* thing.

That housekeeping item out of the way, let's get things started, shall we?


Ah, hell. Forget it. After that anti-climactic intro, I'm going to table today's entry for tomorrow. The wisdom in that is A) I can say I wrote and posted something today and B) I'll have a blog entry for tomorrow by putting off what I was originally going to write today. Here, have a picture instead.

Fall Fireworks : Geneva, Switzerland

* Note to my office mate: My deliberate creation and use of an acronym is intentional, because I know it will drive you nuts and you are out to eradicate acronyms from the face of the planet. I thought I'd let you start here! I'm generous that way. xoxo


Maya said...

Hah, we'll see how far it goes... ;-) Nice photo!

To your office mate: Please eradicate the acronyms for me too!

Anonymous said...

IASOTA. (I Am Serenely Overlooking The Acronym.) Great idea for ALL of us to do something creative EVERY DAY of November, pandemic be damned. Looking forward to photos and writing and ALL OF THAT COOKING.

lacochran said...

*chants* Go! Go! Go!

Of course you can do it!

Me, too. :) (NBPM)

Herb of DC said...

Imagine my disappointment after mentally filling in what I thought NaBloPoMo stood for although I was a little confused as to why you would be writing about it ;-)

Love the photo!

janeannechovy said...

I'm pretty sure NaNoWriMo came first:

But I look forward to reading your postings!

Anonymous said...

Yay! You're writing again! Your writing brings a smile to me :)

Cele said...

Acronyms don't bother me as long as somewhere in the visable world there is a key to lead me the rest of the way (this after pouring the remainder of my brains out to staunch the fire of my three cells on over load from trying to figure out said acronyms) to insanity.