Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Omit Needless Words, Omit Needless Words, Omit Needless Words

Mont Blanc as Rothko : Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 2/2013

Years ago, I was a prolific, verbose blogger. Long entries were my forté. With the adoption of the time suck known as Facebook, I found myself engaged in truncated prose.

Cleaning up this blog's side nav bars the other day, I clicked on every link I had for other blogs or sites I visited in my previous blog reading and writing days. I discovered several things: 1. Some blogs no longer exist; 2. Many bloggers, like myself, tapered off writing in 2009/2010; 3. Those who are still writing are writing lengthy pieces; and 4. I find my attention span for long pieces isn't what it once was.

What I'm wondering personally is, who's still blogging? Why? If you're no longer blogging or you blog in fits and starts, why? Is this medium no longer relevant as a conveyor of ideas and opinions?


Laura said...

Interesting thoughts on blogging. I just redefined the purpose of my blog yesterday because it wasn't doing what I hoped, but I do like the outlet for my occasional bursts of writing. Hopefully my blog will be as useful in its scope as your recent posts have been in getting me to think more deeply about things I sometimes ignore or have become complacent about.

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