Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dietary Habits of the DBC

Again, for the record, I hate cats.

Just want to establish that right up front.

That said, Pee-Oh-Gee-Oh is the strangest eater I've ever encountered in a feline.

Here are some things he eats with gusto:

Pasta with Tomato Sauce
Baked Beans
Sour Cream
Cottage Cheese

And the newest thing: Slim Fast.

Helping Bee finish her Slim Fast

This cat is a veritable gourmand.

And if anyone needs Slim Fast, it's that cat!


Anonymous said...

No WAY!!

(you say "way")


(you say "way")

Huh. I'll be damned.


- Phoebe

J.M. Tewkesbury said...


This cat is a piece o' work, I'm telling you.

It's not unusual for his breed to like fruit. In fact, my friend ME has one of DBC's siblings and her Abbysinian not only eats cantaloupe, but bananas, too. I've been around her cat with a banana. Let's just say, the cat won!

As for P'Oh-G'Oh, I've learned not to eat ham and pineapple pizza around him. We fight over the pineapple. For the record, I win!

ME said...

Bananas give my Abby a kitty orgasm, practically. PK also eats popcorn, cantaloupe, kiwi, strawberries, potato chips, whipped cream and any bread products we fail to secure. He'll eat right through the plastic to get to bagels, pita, crackers, pizza, etc.

Does Pogo bring you socks? That's another quirk that some of the sibling cats have.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Popcorn?! Really? Huh.

Occasionally, Bee can trick Pee-Oh-Gee-Oh into eating (more like trying) other foods. He thinks he's getting meat and ends up eating zucchini or some such thing.

I haven't seen him do the sock trick. How amusing. I'll ask Bee about that. Just 'cause I haven't seen it, doesn't mean he doesn't do that.

Bee said...

ME: Bee here. Pogo likes to burrow under blankets and make "forts." Does PK do that?

ME said...

Nope, PK is just a sock bringer. He meows to let me know he's come to pay tribute, but it's muffled by the sock in his mouth.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

ME: Interesting. I asked Bee about the sock thing and she says the DBC doesn't do that. But boy does he love burrowing under a blanket!