Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This Town Needs an Enema...

...Or Big Wheel Races like San Francisco.

Seriously. Check this out.


Anonymous said...

My little cursor just beach-balls when I click on the link, so maybe the site is busy. Therefore, I have nothing to add, other than a memory about Big Wheels. When I lived in married student housing at the University of Utah, I woke up to the sound of Big Wheels thundering down the paths that wound around the apartment buildings. I was childless back then, so I really hated the sound.

Now I would love to hear that sound again.

I'd also like to hear the sound of my cat meowing at the front door, dangit. Where is she?

Where is she?


Cele said...

It takes a big...wheel. Love it totally love it, and wow, that is one friggin' steep hill. Maybe they were trying to alleviate big boys when they chose the race location. Give a whole new meaning to crash and burn.

Can you imagine the amount of laughter going on?

E :) said...

Cooooool. I would totally do that.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Phoebe: Copy and paste this link:

There was a time when I hated the sound, too, but I think now I'd enjoy something like this.

Cele: I can totally imagine the amount of laughter going on! I'm sure it was an absolute laughfest!

E:) : I would too! I wonder... Where in D.C. could we do something similar? Surely there's a windy, twisty hill in this city that could be used. Oh wait. Right. All the windy, twisty possibilities are already on the Hill. Guess that rules out Big Wheel Races for the common person here, eh?

ME said...

OMG, I want to live in a city that has Big Wheel races!! We totally have to do that at the next Scary Feminists gathering. In costume.

To make it happen on Capitol Hill, just call it a fund raiser. I'd pay to see some bigwig politicians go down hill on a Big Wheel. With a nice brick wall at the end where GWB could go splat.