Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Messin' With Their Heads

So, the other day, I was telling my mother about my recent visit to the Wretched Former Employer's website and how there is currently a job listing for a Director of Fund Development and how ironic and stupid I think that is. I think my exact words were, "Phfffft. Good luck with that" or something along those lines.

My mother looked at me and without missing a beat said, "You should apply."

My response? A snort and mirthful laughter. Yeah, right.

I thought about for a bit and the more I noodled about it, the more I thought, "How hilarious could that be?"

Then I dropped the notion. Until tonight.

I've been thinking I'd to use a pseudonym and make up the most outrageous resume possible and submit it. One that's guaranteed to get me a call for an interview. I'd make sure to include in my phony resume the fact that I'm tedious to work with! How perfect would that be?

Then again....

Forget it. So not worth it. But it was a fun thought while it lasted.


Anonymous said...

Well, I think it's funny. So that would be a good indicator that you shouldn't do it.

But still .... funny!

- Phoebe

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Phoebe: I really, really, really want to do it, which is also a strong indicator I probably shouldn't. But wouldn't it be fun? I can't think of anyone's head I'd love to mess with more than the WFB the First. (As opposed to the WFB the Second. She's not even worth the time.)