Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not Scary

Okay, I've been doing my homework and I found a better map and poll. (Actually, I think someone reminded me of this one a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to bookmark it. I have remedied that.)

How about this?

And then there was this on USA Today's website. I liked it for the 48 years of comparison it provided. Check it out, particularly the years 1972 and 1984. And may I just say, I'm proud the District has remained consistent in its voting for the last 48 years! I can guarantee we'll be blue again this fall.


NG said...

Whew! You had me contemplating moving to Canada for awhile there.

Jess said...

Okay, this is much more reassuring. I'm glad. Straw polls are never a good idea.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

NG: Glad you don't have to consider a move to the north. That said, though, Canada should take a vested interest in our elections. They could really make hay out of this.

"America! We love you. We like you to visit our beautiful country, but we don't want you to live here. Please vote for Obama in November. Love, Canada."

Or something like that. People far wittier than I could probably come up with a better campaign.

Jess: Yeah, I felt better, too.

Cele said...

Well I would perfer Oregon being a bit more blue, but those damn Arizona snow birds are usually here in November...Note Az is almost brown it's bleeding so much red.

Love the Canadian take Tewkes.

lacochran said...

Go blue!

Anonymous said...

It's still too reddish pink for my liking. (sigh)

Somebody's got to lead us out of this civil war.

- Phoebe

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Cele: Yeah, what's up with your state? You're probably having the same problem so many western states are having right now: Southern California who want to escape the mess they've made of their end of the Golden State by moving to other states and messing them up. Traditionally, SoCal is more conversative/Republican than NorCal.

Lacochran: Woop! Woop! Woop!

Phoebe: I agree. I'd like to see a lot more blue.