Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Little Tewkesbury Round-up with a Dash of Oops!

You can't make up stories like the ones we've seen the last few days in the news. I'm only highlighting one or two stories today, 'cause it's too hard to choose from among the increasingly hilarious, the-McCain-Palin-campaign-is-so-stupid-I-can't-believe-it's-still-around stories.

That said, let's start with Mudflats of Alaska who does a lovely job of summarizing what will likely be known as Scarfgate or Neimangate or the RNC Shopping Debacle of 2008. Whatever. You just gotta wonder who dressed Ms. Palin the other day. Here is Sarah Palin's Wardrobe Malfunction & Some Useless Trivia. You know how they'll spin this, right? They'll say they're horses, not donkeys. Again, whatever. (Photo copyright: Max Whittaker/Getty Images. Click to enlarge and enjoy a laugh.)

An article in the Washington Post (and everywhere else) confirms that John McCain is even more out of touch than originally alleged by his opponents. Seems he still thinks Ms. Palin is eminently qualified to be vice president (and a heartbeat away from president) because he thinks "she's most qualified of any that has run recently for vice president, tell you the truth." Well, thank heavens for that truth clarification. I was starting to worry.

Oh, and I love how women everywhere seem to relate to her, because "she's just like me." Really? Well, let me ask this. If she's so much like you, why don't you have a blank check handed to you for $150K to go shopping? We're in the midst of an economic crisis and the Republican National Committee is spending $150,000 on clothes and make-up?! Let's not even talk about how they would never do the same for a male candidate (and frankly, John McCain could do with a decent suit), let alone how she isn't like you. Get over that illusion ASAP women! If this is how they're spending your generous donations now, imagine what they'll do with your tax dollars if they win the election. Doesn't seem very responsible, does it?

Anyway--here's the article: McCain Tries to Push Past Palin Backlash. (Frankly, if there's any pushing to be done, it should be American voters pushing McCain and Palin off the road to the Bridge to Nowhere.)

Steering away from the insult that is McCain-Palin, Joe Klein of Time tells us Why Barack Obama is Winning.


And abandoning the world of politics, who in the world fires Santa?!

Seems the curmudgeons and corporate idiots at Tysons Corner Mall in Vienna, Virginia, do, that's who. These grinchiest of the grinch-grinchy Grinches gave Santa the heave-ho-ho-ho the other day. If you think that didn't raise a reindeer-sized poopy stink, think again. The controversy was so intense, the mall is now working out a settlement for Santa and trying to find him a new home.

Here's the article, as reported yesterday in the Washington Post, that started the polar meltdown: Longtime Mall Santa Out in the Cold and here's today's article about the results of their stupidity: Santa Firing Nets Lump of Coal for Mall, Apology.

Tysons Corner, you suck. Or, as Keith Olbermann would label you, you are the Worst Person/Organization of the Day. I know I won't be shopping at Tysons this holiday season.


Bilbo said...

Firing Santa Claus. On top of the economic meltdown and a mediocre crop of presidential wannabes? Oy, vey...

Anonymous said...

Seriously. A RETAIL ESTABLISHMENT is firing the Santa that demonstrably drove significant traffic to their RETAIL ESTABLISHMENTS? In the midst of a recession, where retail establishments need all the effing help they can get?!?

People are stupid assholes sometimes. Srsly.


- Di

Maya said...

That woman needs a new stylist! AND, she needs to learn to say "no" to some items. Oh, right, she didn't know better! ;-)

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Bilbo: Perhaps Santa should run for President. He can't be any worse than what we've had, can he?

Di: It boggles the mind, doesn't it? Word is out, though, that Tysons is reconsidering and will like take Santa back.

Maya: I don't think she knows that "No" is a word. If she did, she might not be in the position she's in now.

Francis Deblauwe said...

As Julius Caesar said when he was stabbed to death: "Et tu, Brute?" Poooor Joe Lieberman, shunned or betrayed by Democrats, Republicans and McCain alike. See this great cartoon at the Word Face-Off blog!

hm-uk said...
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