Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah Palin Does SNL

Just in case you missed it this past weekend, here is Sarah Palin's appearance on SNL. Given the (justified) drubbing she's taken, I think she handled herself well and did a good job of laughing at herself. It can't be easy to be parodied and laugh along. (And I mean that for anyone and everyone who finds themselves on the short end of a comedian's slapstick.)

That said, this in no way changes the fact that I think she's appallingly unqualified to be vice president.


anOCgirl said...

while i thoroughly enjoyed amy poehler's rap, i love how palin made time to be on SNL but hasn't made time to appear on any of the sunday morning talk shows.

that kinda says a lot.

JulieAnn said...


she is hot. And she can laugh at herself. But I am one of the American's NOT laughing; I'm scared. And I agree with the above comment. Palin is a pretty face and that says more about McCain than anything else.

Oh, I'm back. Same blog, new addy...


Talk to you soon....

ja :)

Bilbo said...

You'd think that with more than 300 million people to choose from, Senator McCain could have come up with someone better than Sarah Palin. Of course, she's doing what she was hired to do: spin up and energize the Hysterical Right, provide an age balance to the ticket, and be more photogenic and appealing than her boss. Would that those were qualifications to be the VP. Sigh.

lacochran said...

I think Garrison Keillor is right. She's getting as much fame as she can out of this so she can work the book deal.

Adriana Velez said...

Book deal is just the beginning -- some publisher is already searching for a ghostwriter. But she's really aiming for a talk show of her own. I think after this election she'll be done with politics but drunk with vanity and totally beguiled by show business.

We haven't seen the last of this lady.

Cele said...

Wow, I'm impressed she can laugh at herself, Alex Baldwin calling her Tina was probably the best part.

Herb of DC said...

I am totally opposed to her politics and her running mate but...can't we let her move into the VP mansion anyway? Think of how much fun we would have!

Don't get me wrong, Biden will still be the "real" VP--just let him continue to ride Amtrak to Dc every day.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

OC Girl: Excellent observation! I was wondering the same thing myself. Just one more insight into the kind of "leadership" we'd end up with in a McCain-Palin Administration.

Julie Ann: Welcome back! As for the Palinator, she scares me, too. Badly. And so does her geriatric running mate.

Bilbo: Hear, hear! But where's the fun in a reasonable, articulate, run-of-the-mill running mate?

Lacochran: I'm horrified to think what kind of book deal she'll get. About the only good way to write her story is in a Dick and Jane format.

See Sarah.

See Sarah run.

Run, Sarah, run!

Sarah sees a moose.

Shoot the moose, Sarah. Shoot the moose!

Good shot Sarah.

Adriana: Anyone who would be willing to be her ghostwriter is equal parts stupid and brilliant. In the case of the former, who wants to sell their soul to that devil? In the latter, that'll make 'em a pretty penny and who can object to that?

Cele: Alec Baldwin was brilliant in this!

Herb: Hey, I think you're really on to something there! I'm sure Biden would be happy to continue commuting and putting Palin at 1 Observatory Circle would continue to give us fodder for years of humor. If she's lucky, President Obama will appoint her ambassador to Russia.

Maya said...

Dick and Jane and Sarah. Love it!

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Maya: Thanks! I made that up all by myself. (Although, no doubt there's someone else out there who probably beat me to it long ago. I'm usually not as creative and witty as I think I am.)