Friday, October 10, 2008

Precious: Today's Tewkesbury Round-up

Nothing better than a politician who preempts a report about their misconduct. Check out Gov. Palin's latest shenanigans. It's all just too precious for words. If Yahoo News isn't credible enough for you, here's an article in the New York Times: Palin Repeatedly Pressed Case Against Trooper.

Blogger Brain Freeze turns the tables on Palin's claims that Obama "pals around with terrorists" by giving a little insight into her ties with the Alaska Independence Party--a secessionist movement in the Klondike State. Check out Sarah's Got Skeleton's in Her Closet. Just another perspective on McCain's wack-a-doo running mate.

Salon gives us deeper insight into the AIP and its Rovian architects, Mark Chryson and Steve Stoll. Here is Meet Sarah Palin's Radical Right-Wing Pals.

Meanwhile, Newsweek features an article this week with prominent women* weighing in on Palin. Read Sister, Sister: What America's Smartest Women Say about Sarah Palin.

If any of you read PostSecret, you probably saw this card on Sunday. It's an interactive card, so what you see first is what's written on the back and then, when you scroll over it with your mouse, you see what the picture is. In our current economic meltdown, it took my breath away. If this card doesn't speak to the change we need, I don't know what does. (Click on images to enlarge.)

And speaking of the economy, here is the Wall Street Journal's doom and gloom forecast: Economists Expect Crisis to Deepen. Of course, this is the same organization that is endorsing McCain. Now that the WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch, it's hard to give the WSJ 100% street cred without wondering if they're pandering badly to the right.

Have a great weekend everyone!

* They define prominent as Dee Dee Meyers, former press secretary to President Clinton I; Bay Buchanan, conservative commentator for Fox News; and Tina Brown, formerly of the New Yorker, among others.

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