Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today's Tewkesbury Roundup

Senator Biden tires of Governor Palin and calls her "neat." The best part of a recent speech he gave in Missouri:
On Thursday in the state’s capital, Jefferson City, Biden said, “Sarah Palin in my debate turned to me – she’s really good – Sarah Palin turned to me and she said ‘Well, I was only in second grade when Senator Biden was elected to the Senate.’ It’s true.”

Biden then wound up a one-liner and pitched it to the audience. “Well, I should have turned to her and said, Sarah, you were in sixth grade the last time John had a good idea.”
Here is CBS News' Ryan Corsaro with Biden's Politeness With Palin Is Over.

Conservative Christopher Buckley, son of the late arch conservative William F. Buckley, endorses Barack Obama. Here is Sorry, Dad, I'm Voting for Obama. Note he's featured in Tina Brown's newest venture The Daily Beast.

Writing in the Washington Post, Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of the late World War II general and Republican-nominated president Dwight D. Eisenhower, is also endorsing Obama. Read Why I'm Backing Obama.

Eisenhower and Buckley aren't alone in their changing perspective. Former Michigan governor William Milliken, former Republican senator from Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee, and several other significant Republicans are leaning toward or endorsing Obama because McCain has become someone many of these people "did not originally endorse." From the Grand Rapids Press: Former Governor Milliken Backs Away from McCain.


Gilahi said...

It's funny to me that Christopher Buckley is identified as a Republican. I've read his books and they're hilarious, and they often take digs at the current political machine ("Thank You For Smoking" is a great sendup of the whole lobbyist machine). I saw him speak at the National Book Fair a couple of years ago. He strikes me as being very much an independent who will take jabs at both sides if he sees stupidity there, and God knows there's lots of stupidity to be seen. Really, really glad to see that he's come out publicly for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Last night, Jay Leno, whom I've always felt was a cheerleader for the Repubs, was making fun of McCain and Palin. I don't usually watch Leno, but if he happens to be doing his opening monologue while the other channels have commercials, I'll watch him. It was heartening to see this time.


Cele said...

I am so happy you do an article round up. I don't have the time, nor the resources, nor the perserverance-- so I read your blog everyday with anticipation of what new things you will uncover.

I have a pretty large vocabulary, in comparison to some, but Christopher Buckley's is stuffy-- despite that I'm glad we agree on the same man. I will have to follow Gilahi lead and read more.

Interesting to see that Susan Eisenhower came out so publicly in support of Obama so long ago. While having been raised in a Republican household, a registered Republican (which has afforded me hours of cheap entertainment) I am truly an independent. Reading both of these articles has really driven home that fact.

Thank you for your daily round ups, I appreciate them more than you'll ever know.

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Gilahi: I read Buckley's book and, while it was quite funny (and the movie was a hoot), it also hit close to home as I was working at one of the at-the-time more powerful trade lobbying associations. After guns, alcohol, and cigarettes, paper is up there. I have the sense Buckley is far more independent than his father was, but still wry and pointed in calling out the nabobs of stupidity in politics.

Phoebe: Leno dissed McCain and Palin? I'll have to check that out. You're right, he tends to lean more right than Letterman.

Cele: I'm glad these round-ups are read and appreciated. Definitely give Buckley's Thank You for Smoking a read. It's fun and satirical.