Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fun Stuff, Maynard!

Not a lot to say. I'm just gonna give you some links and say, "Have fun!" (Okay, I'll say a little. Read on.)

27b/6 - Brilliant email exchange between someone who wants something for nothing and someone who isn't willing to oblige. Thing is, I can't figure out if this is fact or fiction. Funny? Yes. True? Who knows, but I'm sure someone will dig deeper and let me know.

Are you familiar with Marmite? Nasty stuff. Totally an acquired taste. There's a new book out about it that sounds like fun, though. Check out The magic of Marmite, best digested in book form.


As it is officially December, it's time for that odious of all Christmas songs, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Since 1984, PNC Wealth Management has been doing a breakdown of what it would cost if you actually followed the redundant admonitions of that song and bought everything on the list x 12. You can also read about it in the Washington Post. Here is "12 Days of Christmas" items would top 87k.


Have you switched over to Blogger's new interface? I just did. What do you think? I wish there were more font options, because there are so many lovely fonts out there. I suppose I could add them to the HTML code by hand. Hm.

In that same vein, why are everyone else's comments showing up and being accounted for, but my buddy Gilahi's are not? Is it Gilahi or is it Blogger? These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night, folks!


Remember last week's Lost in Translation with the Transex transport company and Wankdorf City? Well, here's another anecdote. Saturday, before we left Basel, we went to the Christmas Market. In addition to the handcrafted trinkets and gifts you can find, there's also gluhwein and heisse Marroni to be had. One day, I'll write about the culinary yuck that are roasted chestnuts, but for today's purposes, I'm here to talk about the bag they came in.

We got 100 grams of the holiday nut. It came in a bag that said, "Das sin' d' Marroni vom Barfi!" Translation: "These are the chestnuts from Barfi!" Inspiring, no? Obviously the Family Barfi should consider a name change. If I can get a picture of the bag taken and processed in the next day or two, I'll post it here.

Meanwhile, that is all.


lacochran said...

Ha! That first link, 27b/6, was hysterical! Great find! Thanks for sharing!

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

LA: Glad you liked that.

Maya said...

Swans are the most expensive item? Interesting.

I still ate the chestnuts from Barfi, but someone really should warn them about that name!

Maya said...

Oh, that link with the email exchange is priceless!