Friday, October 29, 2010

FOR SALE : 550+ Acres of Productive Farm Land with Buildings

550+ Acres of Productive Farm Land with Buildings

Tired of urban living? Sick of traffic in the 'burbs? Want to get your hands dirty and live off the land?

Tuckered out virtual farmer seeks to sell 550+ acres of productive farm land with well-kept buildings, pristine machinery, gorgeous orchards, and healthy animals. Property includes the following:

558 acres of land
1 large beehive
1 large dairy farm
   - 17 black and white holsteins
   - 20 chocolate cows
   - 1 bull
   - Room for two (2) more cows
1 super chicken coop
   - 28 golden chickens
   - 17 Cornish hens
   - 8 Rhode Island Reds
   - 7 Scots Gray hens
1 nursery
   - 8 holstein calves
   - 2 brown and white calves
   - 1 chocolate calf
   - 1 cream draft foal
   - 1 buckskin foal
   - 1 red foal
   - 1 brown foal
   - 2 black foals
   - 4 gray foals
1 horse barn
   - 18 black horses
   - 8 gray horses
   - 3 cream draft horses
   - 1 white stallion
1 pig pen
   - 9 black pigs
   - 8 ossabow pigs
   - 1 white pig
   - 1 strawberry pig
   - 2 piglets
   - 1 spider named Charlotte :-)
1 animal feeding trough
1 farmhouse with two clothes lines
1 garden shed
   - 30 bunches of sunflowers, tulips, irises, and edelweiss with capacity for 100 bunches
1 red barn, 1 shed, and 1 cellar with capacity for 340+ objects
   - Items stored include a post office, a mini villa, a French maison, a greenhouse, a mini Dutch windmill, 3 pink cottages and 4 black cottages, a Swiss cabin, a school house, various and sundry yard decorations, and some extra fencing
1 biplane, good for instant growing
1 harvester
1 seeder
3 tractors
1 combine
1 Adobe dwelling
1 large Swiss chalet
1 small Swiss chalet
1 Lighthouse
1 five-star Winery
5 market stalls
2 windmills
20 farmhands
11 arborists
9 packages of Fertilize All
2 dogs
1 cat
A menagerie of goats, donkeys, sheep, and turtles
More than 1,000 gallons of gas
2.6 million coins
6 Farmville bucks
Various awards and ribbons
Numerous collections
Small orchards comprised of fruit and nut trees
1 squirrel

This beautiful farm has been extremely productive and has mastered: carrots, artichokes, potatoes, corn, rice, onions, pumpkins, pineapples, strawberries, white and red grapes, cranberries, blueberries, watermelons, tomatoes, pink roses, sunflowers, daffodils, red tulips, irises, candy corn, and cupcakes. Also, level two master of red table wine, level one master of white sangria, and level one fruit wine.

All this can be yours for a bottle of prosecco and a plate of oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and happy (photo) Friday!


ME said...

Wow, I wish it was a real farm. It sounds lovely!

Janet M Kincaid said...

ME: That's why there's Farmville! If you're on Facebook, check it out. Or go to It's actually a really fun game, but it can also be a HUGE time suck. said...

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Samantha said...

This post has been somewhat of a revelation to hollister uk.