Saturday, December 1, 2007

Is This Month Over Yet?

Is it December yet?

Okay, I know this is a lameass cop-out for a NaBloPoMo entry, but it's all I can muster tonight. Plus, I need suggestions.

I'm going to my dinner/book group holiday party tomorrow. Actually, Bee and I are going. We might even take our friend, the EcoFellow, with us. We'll see...

Anyway--we're going to the holiday party tomorrow evening and I need suggestions for an appetizer or something I can take. I'm making a red velvet bundt cake dusted with confectioner's sugar, but I need one more item.

All suggestions are welcome! If it requires a list of ingredients, that's fine. Leave 'em in the comments.

I'm too pooped to think about what else to take. It's been a busy day. Here are the pictures to prove it!

Gutter cleaning and installing gutter guards with my dad this morning.
We're three stories up!

Photo safari with my brother this afternoon.
I took him to see The Awakening, which he's never seen except in pictures.

Run to Krispy Kreme this evening.

Suggestions for tomorrow's holiday party welcome here! xoxo

And now I'm off to bed. It's been a long day.

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 11/07


D said...

My favorite appetizer (I'm easy) is bacon-wrapped dates cooked in the oven/broiler. Salty, smoky bacon around luscious sweetness. They're soooo good.

brad and kimberly's family said...

Holiday Bruc(s)hetta - spelling?
Sliced Baguet drizzed with olive oil and toasted in the oven
Topped with Pesto - the pesto from Costco is delicious. I have blended some feta, parmesan and pine nuts to the petso, but the pesto without those items is really just as tasty.
On top of the pesto and a piece of bacon (1/3 of the slice) you can get three out of the slice.
Add Mozz. Cheese
Top with diced tomatoes
Place back in oven long enough for the cheese to melt.
Yum-o Yum-o. They will be a hit at your party.
These are really beautiful and the colors are perfect for the holiday.

NG said...

Great pic of Awakening. My favorite place in the city!

OK - maybe too late, but here's my go-to holiday appetizer:

Easy Spinach Dip to Makes People Think You Spent a Lot of Time in the Kitchen

Get a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix. Add one pint sour cream according to the directions and mix thoroughly.

Then add one small package chopped spinach (I always use the frozen, boxed variety - I'm not sure of the quantity off hand - It defrosts easily in the microwave).

Add one can sliced water chestnuts (you may want to chop them slightly before adding if you don't like the big disks in your dip).

Mix it all and serve in a sourdough bread round. Use the bread pieces you've extracted from the bread for dipping as well as your favorite club crackers.

Prep time: less than 15 minutes - can't beat that!

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

D, Kim, and NG: Thank you all. So many good choices.... Decisions, decisions....

Cele said...

I would give you ideas but I don't go to parties so I have no ideas. At least not appetizer ideas. But if you're ever in the market for pistachio salad (it's a coolwhip pudding thingie) I'm your girl. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are the best, T.

My favorite thing to bring to a holliday party is a bottle of wine. Nobody complains about that, and it diguises the fact I can't make appetizers look very appetizing unless it's just cut-up fruit.

Hope you have a fun time,


ME said...

I might be too late, but here's one for the road:

Cranberry cheese pinwheels

•1-8 oz carton of whipped cream cheese
•1 cup (8 ounces) crumbled feta cheese
•¼ cup chopped green onion
•6 ounces of dried cranberries, chopped
•4-10 inch flour tortillas

Mix the cheeses, cranberries and green onion. Spread on tortillas. Roll tortillas up, secure with toothpick if needed, refrigerate, and cut into 1/2 inch rounds.

You can also make these with cream cheese, ranch dressing mix, pimentos and green chiles.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Cele: All recipes welcome here!

Phoebe: Doh! A bottle of wine is usually what I take as back up. Gah. I really must be tapped out in the entertainment arena, too. Usually "what to take" is a slam dunk for me. I think I need a dandelion break a la Opus...

ME: Never too late! This will definitely come in handy when I threw my holiday party in a couple of weeks when Sister NoMo is home for the semester.

sylvia at said...

I second the bruschetta idea:

Plus it looks Christmasy.