Thursday, June 5, 2008

To Peeve or Not to Peeve, That is the Question


Nice day we had yesterday, no? That was some crazy weather. I found myself twice caught in the leading edge of both storm systems yesterday. In the case of the first series of tornados, I was at my parents and we were three miles away from where one tornado touched down. The sound was like hundreds of jet engines powering down on approach.

In the case of the second, my sister and I were on our way to Barnes & Noble when the rain let loose in ways only to be described as biblical in volume and intensity. We ended up sheltering in place in a parking garage for about 30 minutes. Sadly, a fun evening was not had by all. Three people died in last night's storms, including a guy in Annandale who had a tree fall on his car.

In other non-Mother Nature news, Tuesday was a banner day in politics, wasn't it?

I'm thrilled beyond words that Barack Obama has received enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination for president! Yes, he can! Yes, we can! And Yes, we did! Now, Hillary just needs to back off and let the process move forward. Her not-so-subtle-through-others hints that she'd take the VP slot is pissin' me off. Talk about presumptuous! If she's the servant of the public and champion of the downtrodden she claims to be, she'd send an email to all her supporters and loyalists and beg them, for the sake of not having a three-peat, to give their support and votes 100% to Obama. The last thing we need right now is for Hillaryites to give their votes to McCain in a fit of pique. Think Ross Perot. Think Ralph Nader. Think: BAD IDEA.

And did you see in the news that GM is discontinuing their Hummer line? All I can say to that is "Hallelujah!" Those gas-guzzling, road hogging, small car squishing monstrosities are meant for one purpose and one purpose only: to transport troops and material in zones of war and conflict. The sooner we get those buggers off the road, the better for all of us.

Finally, whilst trolling through DC Blogs today, I read an entry by someone who participates in a group they wittily call "The Collective." Each of the members of the Borg, er, Collective, has their own little website. Lovely and all, until I noticed this in the sidebar on one of them.

Thinking perhaps she was encouraging donations to BlogHer or some other worthy cause, I clicked on the "Donate" button. To my horror, it took me to a Pay Pal page where, if I felt so inclined, I could part with my hard-earned, non-existent money and give it to Heather. No special reason. Just give it to Heather because Heather is Heather, I guess. Is this for real? And is it socially acceptable? What the fuck?!

I'm definitely getting old, because first, I can't even begin to articulate how disturbing I find this idea of being audacious enough to just expect that people will give me money for nothing. And second... I don't have a second, I'm just so flummoxed by this. Holy hell!

Meanwhile, I have a friend who could really use some financial help and who, if she put up a button like this on her blog, would be more than justified, but still.... And yet, instead of holding her hand out like Heather, she digs through her many years of foreign travel and really cool acquisitions and makes them available on eBay.

I can't write anymore about this, I'm just so baffled.

Tomorrow, we're going to the National Gallery to see Afghanistan: The Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul. Speaking of the friend who eBays, she's the same person who wrote the proposal that landed the funding that resulted in this fabulous exhibition coming to the United States.

If you have half a mind to do it, send a few bucks her way. Compared to Heather, she's actually making a difference in the world.

P.S. In all fairness to Heather and to avoid commenters castigating me for misjudging her purposes for the "Donate" button, I emailed her to ask what cause she was supporting. So far, I don't have a response, but as soon as I get one, I'll let you know. I'm willing to eat humble pie, but in the meantime... Seriously?!


Jess said...

I would be peeved by the donate button too. That's just bizarre. And even if she has a cause, she needs to promote it if she expects donations. I wonder if she's ever gotten one.

LG said...

I'm going to put a 'Donate' button on my blog. The cause? To assist me, because I'm broke. Think of it as panhandling on the Internets! So handy, because it's starting to get too hot to be outside.

Reminds me of another pet peeve I have, but I'll put that on my own blog. :)

Glad you're okay after the wackass weather, btw.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Jess: Seriously bizarre, right? I doubt she has a cause other than her very own self. Sheesh.

LG: Uh-oh. Hope me being peeved isn't your peeve? Just kidding.

And speaking of the weather, there's an idea. I'm gonna get a "Donate" button and my cause is gonna to be to ask others to "assist in the on-going and purpose-filled effort of defraying the cost of electricity from running my A/C in an effort to defeat the doldrums created by the onset of the heat and humidity characteristic of this pestilential swamp, otherwise called living in Washington, D.C." That, or to buy rum. Where's the rum? Why is the rum gone?

Cele said...

This is weird weather this year, it feels like October in June. Yes, that means it's still green in Oregon, but really I'd like to use my hottub now...please.

I remember a few years ago when I first saw a donate button on a website for General Hospital fans. Yep, I was there numerous times, but despite her continous plea for bandwidth support I refused to donate. My view point...she started the website for free, we all pay for internet. What if I started charging for Wednesday Links... nine friggin' years later?

Come on'. I've got a Hummer size gas bill and I only drive a Ranger.
It could be worse, I could drive a Hummer (NOT!) and have a Sherman tank size gas bill.

Liz said...

Okay, okay- I voted for Ralph Nader once.

Does that mean you won't give me a few bucks? I'm calling my cause the Baby Mama Fund for Comfortable Pants.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Cele: If you had a "Donate to the Construction of a Sunroom for the Hot Tub", I'd donate to that! And maybe we should add "Donate" buttons to our blogs with the cause being to defray the cost of gas or buy a bike. Now there's a worthy cause!

Liz: I'm not casting aspersions on individuals and I won't disown anyone for past political decisions. I once voted for George H.W. Bush, so I'm the last one to cast stones. But, going forward, we must be wiser, no?

As for your fund, I'd donate. Ill-fitting pants and pregnancy cannot be fun!

Anonymous said...

I am wierded out that there were tornados over in Tewkesbury-shire.

That's scary.

Would you hate me if I thought random donation buttons were funny? I love pointless symbolism. It pokes fun at it. But then I think hand puppets are hysterical, so chalk one up for your deviant friend.

- Phoebe

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Phoebe: I'm weirded out, too. And we were only in the leading (outer) edges, so I can only imagine how horrifying the whole experience was for those who were in the vortex.

I hadn't look at the "Donate" button as pointless symbolism, but I guess I could see it that way. Still. I'm a bit perturbed.

Di's right: I'm a curmudgeon.

LG said...

From someone who has experienced a handful of tornadoes, they ARE terrifying. So do you have a tornado contingency plan? Where did you go for shelter? I like to know this stuff. I know, I'm weird.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

LG: The things we're learning about you... :-)

Let's see, the first round, I SIP'ed with my mom and the dog in the basement. The second round, I was out with my sister on the way to Barnes & Noble when the storm hit. We SIP'ed in a parking garage one level below the street, but not at the very bottom. No point escaping a tornado only to be deluged, right?

Mme. Meow said...

Well, George Costanza did have "The Human Fund", so it's not completely crazy to ask for money for yourself "just because". But really, maybe Heather's blogging is SO GOOD you just have to leave her a tip.

(if my tongue were any farther up in my cheek, I'd be choking, btw)

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Mdm. Meow: I wish Heather's writing was extraordinary. I might be inclined to donate if it was. As it is, it's just good, but not enough for me to part be parted from my moo-lah.

Don't choke!

j.m. tewkesbury said...

P.S. Still haven't heard from Heather, btw. Just thought you'd all like to know.